New Father And Daughter jokes (7)

    Read Full»1. Daughter to dad: Dad, what is called as a sea level?
    Dad: Why do you want to know it?
    Daughter: Well, my grades went below C-Level
    Read Full»2. My daughter who was about five years of age was having trouble understanding what marriage was all about. I got out the wedding album to see if showing her through pictures would help whilst explaining the service to her.

    When we had finished, I asked her if she had questions. She replied "I understand now. That's the day that Mummy started to work for you and me isn't it, Daddy?"
    Read Full»3. Ask any father and he will say that they spent the first 18 months to 2 years trying like mad to get their daughter to speak and the next sixteen years trying to make them shut up
    Read Full»4. My daughter came to me the other day and said "Daddy, I like to worry"

    "Why is that?" I asked her. "Because 95% of stuff that worries me never happens"
    Read Full»5. Little girl to her father: Dad, who is a pedestrian?
    Dad: A pedestrian is one who has a wife, five kids, fat mother-in-law and only one car
    Read Full»6. Daughter: Why does grandfather have no hair on his head?
    Father: Because only wise men have no hair.
    Daughter: Ok, I know now why you have long hair
    Read Full»7. Three girls want to know what their names mean so they ask their dad

    Girl 1: dad, why is my name rose?
    Dad: "because we dropped a rose peattle on your head!"
    Girl 2: "why is my name dasiy?"
    Dad: "because we dropped a dasiy peattle on your head!"
    Girl 3: "fghzethvseyhgfsetujjcf ftuiugf!"